coretan kecil Emma

Yaa sekedar coretan. Coretan sekedarnya saja.

Paramore – Decode

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How can I decide what’s right?
when you’re clouding up my mind
I can’t win your losing fight,
all the time

How can I ever own what’s mine,
when you’re always taking sides
But you won’t take away my pride,
no not this time
Not this time…

How did we get here
When I used to know you so well
But how did we get here
I think I know

The truth is hiding in your eyes
and its hanging on your tongue
Just boiling in my blood
but you think that I cant see
What kind of man that you are,
if you’re a man at all
Well I will figure this one
out on my own
I’m screaming i love you so
on my own
my thoughts you can’t decode

Do you see what we’ve done
We’re gonna make such fools of ourselves

There is something I see in you
It might kill me
I want it to be true


Author: truebluemma

saya bukan siapa-siapa...cuma orang biasa...

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