coretan kecil Emma

Yaa sekedar coretan. Coretan sekedarnya saja.


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This is a story about love between Isabella Swan and Edward Cullenn This is a story about love between a human and a vampire. Tis is a forbidden love. She shouldnt fall in love with him , but she doesnt even realize that she’s in love. it is hurt, but the more he tries to stop it, the more he cant avoid falling in love withhis meal. Will they make it? Will it be a happily ever after ending story just like another love story?


Silahkan lihat filmnya, karna film ini cukup ringan dan menghibur. terutama buat cewek2 penggemar drama cinta2an atau kamu2 yang lagi jatuh cinta. Sumpah. Edward Cullen will suck your will to move from your seat or even blink! I dont mind if he wants to bite my neck. ^-^


Author: truebluemma

saya bukan siapa-siapa...cuma orang biasa...

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